School Manager

School Manager is a contemporary software solution that empowers educational institutions, no matter their size, to orchestrate and manage comprehensively their operations regarding students, parents and guardians, teachers, school bus fleet as well as financial processes in an easy and simple way.

  • Student Monitoring / Management
  • Parent / Guardian Management
  • Financial Management
  • Secretarial Management
  • Multi-partner Management
  • Reporting Tools
  • Report generator
  • Electronic communication
  • OLAP & Graph designer

Communication and information

Take advantage of the online communication to inform parents/guardians about anything that affects students (progress, behavior, pending financial issues, etc.). In addition, you can send bulk e-mails with dynamically generated letters, predefined subject, e-mail text, and other attachments.

Access from anywhere

Offer parents, guardians and teachers online access to student records, using predefined safety features.

Financial management

This solution covers all the financial management needs of an educational organization, providing absolute control over the financial transactions, so that you can create a payment plan for your business and monitor balances and receivables in detail.