SingularLogic participates at the BOUNCE International Consortium, to enhance patients’ resilience after breast cancer treatment

SingularLogic continues its tradition of research and development in IT tools for the Health sector and participates with a key role at the BOUNCE international consortium aiming to develop innovative computational tools to identify key factors to build and maintain resilience in women after breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. More than half of breast cancer patients can return to normal life after treatment. At the innovative European research project “BOUNCE: Providing effective adaptation to breast cancer and helping women to BOUNCE back”, technology meets medicine and psychology to develop the factors that affect patients’ resilience after treatment.

The four-year project that started in November 2017, will explore the factors that influence breast cancer patients resilience over a two-year period, and will address their capacity to resume a normal everyday life and work after breast cancer treatments. Resilience experts will initially develop a working model of resilience to breast cancer out of related clinical, biological, social, and psychological factors. Specialized information technology experts, such as SingularLogic a Marfin Investment Group (MIG) member, will develop innovative computational tools and the integrated platform to apply the model. 

The platform’s effectiveness to implement the Bounce model will be tested through a vast predictive study at a large number of early stage breast cancer patients, from specialized cancer treatment centers in Finland, Israel, Italy, and Portugal. The final aim is to improve resilience with personalized treatment. 

International BOUNCE Consortium received a 5 million Euro funding by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union and received a nearly perfect score at the evaluation stage, demonstrating its importance for society.  BOUNCE is coordinated by Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center and incorporates 9 partners, from all over Europe, experts in the fields of oncology, information technology, psychology, and social medicine from Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Israel.