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Attico Metro

Attiko Metro S.A. is a state company whose staff are highly trained and its flawless planning and systematic hard work has allowed the company to develop both the Athens and Thessaloniki metro networks. 

Today the two lines of the Athens Metro cover a total length of 51.1 km with 34 stations, and serve around 700,000 passengers on a daily basis.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. continues its highly significant work by extending the existing metro lines and adding new stations to the network.

Attico Metro

ATTIKO METRO S.A. chose SingularLogic as its technological partner and opted for an ERP system on the SAP platform.

  • To develop an ERP system fully in line with the Greek law.
  • To fully manage financial data to ensure greater accuracy in cost accounting and budgeting.
  • To minimize time and streamline the transition to the new working environment without hindering company operations.
  • To select a partner to provide comprehensive implementation services.  

SingularLogic installed an integrated ERP system for Attiko Metro. In addition:

  • The system features a wide range of financial management, stock management, project management, ordering and cost accounting functions.
  • The system is based on SAP ECC, using FI, CO, MM and PS modules.
  • It runs in Microsoft Windows & Oracle RDBMS environment.
  • It provides customisation, installation, roll-out and support services.
  • Better procurement planning and supplier evaluation.
  • Effective management and monitoring of the Metro network extension projects.
  • Efficient use of the budgeting function and of the tools for comparing budget to actual figures.
  • Secure access and different authorization levels for company users.
  • Comprehensive management of company financial data for greater accuracy in cost accounting and budgeting.
  • An integrated operating environment preventing data input and engagement in different modules.

Attiko Metro is a modern company whose mission is to design, build, run and expand the Athens and Thessaloniki metro networks. Given the important and critical nature of these projects, the company invests in infrastructure, hardware and IT systems, but above all it places emphasis on its staff. The SAP ERP was chosen to provide staff with a cutting-edge, flexible and reliable IT system and allow the company to grow and develop. Data security and reliability are essential in a complex operating environment like Attiko Metro’s, and the SAP ERP proved to be the best choice for such businesses and for Attiko Metro itself.


Nikos Menagias



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