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DELTA Foods, a member of the Vivartia Group, is the largest Group in the dairy products sector in Greece. For the last 60 years the company has strived to meet the dietary requirements of Greek consumers every day by offering innovative, top quality, highly nutritious products.

Today DELTA has 7 state-of-the-art production plants in Greece and abroad, 4 milk collection plants and a nationwide sales network.


SingularLogic’ assignment was to re-design business processes, implement and run all IT systems and business procedures for the companies DELTA, Vigla, and Eurofeed in Greece and United Milk Company (UMC) in Bulgaria, as well as Vivartia Holdings, and support 3,000 users a day. Working in partnership with SingularLogic, DELTA Foods now operates based on a Complete IT InSourcing model, utilising the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) approach.


  • Existing systems were outdated and entailed high annual operational costs (in terms of electricity, cooling, etc.) and high management costs because of their complexity.
  • Given the large size of the subsidiaries and the importance of their facilities, it was also necessary to set up a Disaster Site.
  • It was also essential to centrally re-engineer IT systems to introduce common procedures and data structures, and then to roll these out to all subsidiaries in Greece and abroad using the same operating model.
  • A common, central IT infrastructure was built at SingularLogic’s main Data Center facilities and a Disaster Recovery Site was set up.
  • All core operations were re-engineered on the SAP system to ensure better functionality and to save resources and time. Just some of the processes that were re-engineered included MRP, Plant Maintenance, Distribution Cost Analysis and Customer P&L.
  • The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) approach was used along with Complete IT Insourcing. In other words SingularLogic took over completely the operation of IT systems and business processes.
  • Operational benefits: Common procedures, data structures and systems for the entire Group, option to rapidly roll these out to every new industrial plant; in-depth analysis of business data for management, excellent customer service, standardised procedures and the adoption of best practices.
  • Outsourcing benefits: Greater predictability and control, company staff dedicated to core business activities, constant access to specialised technicians and consultants (SingularLogic staff), agreed service levels based on a SLA at a fixed cost, business continuity and risk management transferred exclusively to SingularLogic as a service provider, option to directly access new tech.

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Η SingularLogic ανέλαβε την υλοποίηση και υποστήριξη συστήματος ηλεκτρονικού φακέλου υγείας και mobile εφαρμογής για τις νοσηλευτικές μονάδες του Ομίλου Υγεία.
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The objective of this project was to extend the Criminal Record IT system operated centrally by the Ministry to 6 large cities nationwide (Athens, Piraeus, Patra, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Volos).