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Ministry of Interior

SingularLogic is a stalwart partner of the Ministry of Interior, having implemented e-Government projects for it for over 30 years.

Electoral results: collection, processing and presentation

From 1981 to date SingularLogic has been involved in all elections, offering its support to the Ministry of Interior by collecting, processing and broadcasting the results of national, municipal and European elections.


This procedure takes place in parallel with the official election results collection and processing performed by the local Courts of First Instance nationwide, ensuring the availability of the results just a few hours after the closing of the polls.  This is a time-critical project where the quality and correctness of the results is vital. SingularLogic manages all IT infrastructure (software and hardware) and facilitates the Ministry in successfully bringing the procedure to completion. It provides a dedicated team of 200 staff offering support to the 25,000 or so voting centers nationwide, the Ministry, journalists, the mass media and political parties.


Although the key procedure for collecting and processing results has not changed over the years, SingularLogic has used many generations of software applications and hardware solutions. SingularLogic’s task is to rapidly process results and present them appropriately. The company is involved in (a) the preparation, (b) the procedure after the end of Election Day and (c) the post-election processing of the data. This includes:

  • Developing specialised software and installing the necessary infrastructure to run the system.
  • Generating and managing printed materials for sending the results to the Ministry.
  • Ensuring that the Data Center needed to support the project in operational terms is up and running.
  • Providing operational support to the mass media to help them broadcast the results
  • Providing information via alternative channels such as the Internet and mobile phones.
  • Mass input, formatting and delivery of the results to the Ministry after the elections are over.
  • Online transmission of results by mobile phone using Secure Result Transmission (SRT) technology directly by the judicial officer at the voting center to the Ministry. Following the immense success of this technology, between 2009 and today it has been used by 5,000 selected voting centers.
  • A portal to record and present the electoral expenses of candidates and parties in the case of regional and municipal elections.
  • Rapid, up-to-date, quality collection, processing and transmission of electoral results.
  • The time required to confirm the result has been drastically reduced from more than 12 hours to just 2-3 hours from the close of the electoral procedure.
  • Over time SingularLogic has contributed to numerous electoral procedures being re-engineered and improved.

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