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Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE)

OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.) is Greece’s largest telecom provider and together with its subsidiaries is a major player in the telecom market in SE Europe. The OTE Group offers broadband services, landline and mobile telephony, high speed data communication and leased lines. The Group though has also diversified its operations into satellite communications, real estate and vocational training. The OTE Group employs around 30,000 people today.


SingularLogic was commissioned to develop a Directory Assistance Platform for OTE.

Anything to do with 11888 on the Internet has now been brought together under a single umbrella. Utilising only open source technologies, the new portal incorporates all search engines for Whitepages, Yellowpages and the e-shop directory, and much else besides. 

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Η SingularLogic ανέλαβε την υλοποίηση και υποστήριξη συστήματος ηλεκτρονικού φακέλου υγείας και mobile εφαρμογής για τις νοσηλευτικές μονάδες του Ομίλου Υγεία.
SingularLogic’ assignment was to re-design business processes, implement and run all IT systems and business procedures for the companies DELTA, Vigla, and Eurofeed in Greece and United Milk Company...
SingularLogic successfully implemented integrated system SingularLogic Enterprise ERP. Over the years the project has evolved, and today the system includes the customized production, WMS (Warehouse...
SingularLgoic developed the Center Internet portal ( of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (ΟΤΕ), utilizing high-end technologies and state-of-the-art architectures.