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Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights

For more than 10 years the Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights has been trusting SingularLogic with the implementation of numerous major projects.

Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights

The objective of this project was to extend the Criminal Record IT system operated centrally by the Ministry to 6 large cities nationwide (Athens, Piraeus, Patra, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Volos).



An old, manual system translated into slow information flow and frequent data reliability problems. The system also entailed a lot of paper records whose sheer volume made the registers difficult to use. There were only a few cases where Criminal Record Departments and the agencies entitled to access the information in those Departments were actually interconnected. It was difficult indeed to check that the rules of law relating to criminal records were being implemented in an accurate, comprehensive and uniform manner. Worse still, the data was at risk of destruction. There was nothing to ensure that the content of data was being kept confidential, the system entailed high running costs and the data could also be tampered. Because the entire process was so complicated, the time required to issue certificates was protracted. The data on file could not be used for academic research, to determine the current situation or draw new policy proposals in the fields of criminal law or criminal procedure.


This project included:

  • Digitising the criminal record data held by the Criminal Record Departments of the six Court of First Instance Public Prosecutors’ Offices.
  • Processing that data to automate the data verification procedure for data that previously had to be confirmed as part of the manual process.
  • Computerising all procedures at the Criminal Record Departments.
  • Issuing criminal record excerpts online.
  • Statistically analysing data.

Since this was an extension of the system already in operation centrally, SingularLogic used multi-tier clients/server J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) applications. Oracle RDBMS/Application server software was used to run the solution. Criminal record data was securely input, a PKI infrastructure was set up, a citizen service portal and a multi-dimensional MIS were put in place.



  • The old, paper trail was eliminated.
  • Uniform implementation of the rules of law relating to criminal records.
  • Dramatic increase in the security of procedures, elimination of errors and sabotage.
  • Drastic reduction in the time required to issue criminal records.
  • Ability for qualitative analysis of the stored data.

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