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Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE)

OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.) is Greece’s largest telecom provider and together with its subsidiaries is a major player in the telecom market in SE Europe. The OTE Group offers broadband services, landline and mobile telephony, high speed data communication and leased lines. The Group though has also diversified its operations into satellite communications, real estate and vocational training. The OTE Group employs around 30,000 people today.

ΟΤΕ - Central Internet Portal

SingularLgoic developed the Center Internet portal ( of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (ΟΤΕ), utilizing high-end technologies and state-of-the-art architectures.

  • Quality service for OTE portal visitors 
  • Retrieval and combination of information data from all IT Business systems of organization
  • Modern and user friendly interface
  • Modern design based on state-of-the-art technologies
  • Speed and accuracy in data retrieval of requested information 
  • Minimizing input errors through automization process
  • One-stop-shop concept
  • Content completeness and continuous enrichment
  • Security on every kind of  transactions and exchanged  Information
  • Unlimited expandability

The new website is entirely designed from scratch with modern layout; it offers user-friendly navigation features providing direct access to content and services so that visitors-users can easily find information or products meeting their needs and shop online.

The implementation of the website was based on LIFERAY technology, a first-class worldwide enterprise web platform, offering immediate results and long-term value to the portal under implementation.


The new portal at constitutes a useful tool which serves as an expansion of OTE services. Through the new section, MyOTE, OTE customers can manage at any given time all the services they subscribe to:

  • they can modify their telephone settings
  • change the address for the bill
  • upgrade their Internet speed and their current OTE TV pack and
  • pay their bills

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