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K Bulgaria JSC was established in 1931 in the town of Kazanlak. In over seventy years history the company develops its production activities by becoming one of the largest manufacturers of yarn in Europe. In 2003 the company started the production of toweling products. The company‘с production is widely used in various fields – hand sewing, machine sewing, knitting, decorative stitching underwear, and inseams in the shoe-making industry.

BULGARIA-K JSC - SingularLogic Enterprise ERP

In 2004, Singular Logic Bulgaria has successfully completed a project for the implementation of SingularLogic Enterprise ERP in Bulgaria K JSC. The system covers all activities of the company and all its subsidiaries.


At the time of implementation in "Bulgaria-K" JSC existed separate information modules, which were an attempt to cover in wider range of information processes and to provide information and business management. But they were created and used rather to deciding to automate the processing of information and certain activities and not in order to analysis, planning and decision-making, and there are a number of inconsistencies related to the operation of the company.


Before choosing Singular Logic Bulgaria and its product SingularLogic Enterprise ERP, the company had a failed attempt at implementation of SAP.

Project developed in two stages. First covered the trade, financial activities and analytical abilities to parent company and during the second stage was covered process manufacturing and activities of other companies part of the structure of the company.

The project was completed according to the fixed deadlines and budget.

  • The system covering all processes and in particular resolve a number of problems accumulated over the years in production. The company had the opportunity to plan and track the production and supply chain, the direct and indirect costs in production, for tracking of stay and capacity of production units and etc.
  • The company get quick access to detailed information on consolidated and company level
  • Automate processes and data flows
  • Increase employee productivity

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