Project Title
Aviation-driven data value chain diversified global and local operations
Project Active
Project Duration
1/2018 - 12/2020
€ 3,951,125
€ 2,999,600
Project Summary

Project scope: The aim of ICARUS is the design, implement and extensively test a multi-sided technological platform enabling novel data value chains in aviation-related sectors towards data-driven innovation and collaboration across currently diversified and fragmented industry players. IICARUS will act as a major enabler and multiplier of the “combined data value” using methods such as big data analytics, deep learning, semantic data enrichment and blockchain-powered data sharing. ICARUS will address critical barriers for the adoption of Big Data in the aviation industry (e.g. data fragmentation, data provenance, diverse schemes of data licensing and ownership, data veracity, etc.). The project will enable a variety of aviation-related big data scenarios for EU-based companies, organisations and scientists through a multi-sided platform that will allow exploration, curation, integration and deep analysis of original, synthesized and derivative big data in a trusted and fair manner.

ICARUS will bring together the Aerospace, Tourism, Health, Security, Transport, Weather and Public Sectors and accelerate their data-driven collaboration, under the prism of novel aviation-related data value chains. The project will demonstrate the potential of the multi-sided platform and the novel data value chains that it enables through a number of demonstrators including i) sophisticated passenger handling mechanisms and personalized services on ground facilities piloted at the Athens International Airport, ii) enhanced route analysis of aircraft for improved fuel consumption optimization and pollution awareness piloted in Germany, iii) more accurate and realistic prediction of epidemics, and iv) Novel passenger experiences pre-, in- and post-flight.

SingularLogic Role in the project: in addition to playing a major role in the project coordination, the company’s participation is crucial in the overall endeavor as it will act as the integrator of the ICARUS multi-sided platform, being responsible for the integration of all data and data analysis tools, as well as for the interoperability of all platform components and their robust functioning against or potential end users and demonstrators.