H2020 ICT
Project Title
Predictive Security for IoT Platforms and Networks of Smart Objects
Project Active
Project Duration
€ 4,860,335
€ 4,860,335
Project Summary

SecureIoT is a joint effort of global leaders in IoT services and IoT cybersecurity to secure the next generation of dynamic, decentralized IoT systems, which will span spanning multiple IoT platforms and networks of smart objects, through implementing a range of predictive IoT security services. SecureIoT will architect predictive security services in-line with leading edge reference architectures (RA) for IoT applications (i.e. RAs of the Industrial Internet Consortium, the OpenFog Consortium and the Platform Industrie 4.0), which will serve as a basis for specifying security building blocks at both the edge and the core of IoT systems. SecureIoT will provide concrete implementations of security data collection, security monitoring and predictive security mechanisms, which will be the basis for offering integrated services for risk assessment, compliance auditing against regulations and directives (e.g. GDPR, NIS, ePrivacy), as well as support to IoT developers based on programming annotations. The services will be open and based on the SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) paradigm. The SecureIoT services will be challenged in market driven scenarios and use cases in the areas of smart manufacturing (Industrie 4.0), connected cars and IoT-enabled socially assistive robots. Their deployment will be based on both enterprise-scale globally available IoT platforms and community open source platform of the partners. As part of its exploitation strategy, SecureIoT will integrate a multi-sided market platform in order to offer SECaaS services, but also to enable integration of additional security mechanisms in its ecosystem.

SingularLogic involment in SecureIoT will be centered in the design and integration of a market platform for the project based on its expertise in designing and operating cloud-based market platforms. SiLO will be leading WP7, which is devoted to designing and deploying the market platform of the project. SiLO will also have a role in identifying service integration and use requirements from security integrators and users of IoT security solutions respectively. SingularLogic is  leading the specification of reference scenarios, by providing appropriate the methodology, attack models and templates for the description of the scenarios and the abuse cases for each of the four domains; Factory 4.0 , Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving , Smart Home , Smart Cities. Moreover, in the scope of the project SiLO assists on the design, implementation and integration of various SECaaS that are created in the project duration. SiLO will lead the task in order to streamline techno-economic evaluation with the market platform realization activities. Evaluation will strive to justify the Return-on-Investment (ROI) on SecureIoT, based on assessing security risks and performing relevant capital budgeting analysis, including calculation of indicators such as IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value) associated with investments on SecureIoT technologies. The analysis will cover different viewpoints, including the perspectives of IoT solution providers, IoT platform providers and end-users of IoT systems. Finally, SiLO will pursue several exploitation activities with an outlook towards its commercial activities. As a first and direct step to commercial exploitation, SiLO will exploit the security mechanisms of the project in order to enhance the cyber-resilience of the solutions that it provides to its clients in sectors like manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. As second step, it will participate in join exploitation efforts as leader of the market platform realization efforts. As a third step it will pursue the integration of SecureIoT solutions to the IoT products of company SenseOne, which is a company dedicated to IoT solutions that has been recently acquired by the Singular group.


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