H2020-EU.3.7.2. - Protect and improve the resilience of critical infrastructures, supply chains and tranport modes
Project Title
Defending the European Energy Infrastructures
Project Active
Project Duration
€ 8,859,938
€ 6,790,838
Project Summary

DEFENDER deals with Critical Energy infrastructures (CEI) protection and security, as cyber and system-theoretic approaches fail to provide appropriate security levels to CEIs, since they are often used in isolation and build on incomplete attack models, resulting in silos-like security management fragmented operational policies. To face these challenges, DEFENDER (i) models CEIs as distributed Cyber-Physical Systems for managing the potential reciprocal effects of cyber and physical threats (ii) deploys a novel security governance model, which leverages on lifecycle assessment for cost-effective security management over the time (iii) brings people at centre stage by empowering them as virtual sensors for threat detection, as first level emergency responders to attacks, or by considering workforce as potential threats.

SingularLogic in the design and development of DEFENDER components as both a contributor or leader of relevant tasks.