Project Title
Ecosystem infrastructure for smart and personalised inclusion and PROSPERITY for ALL stakeholders
Project Active
Project Duration
February 2014 - January 2018 (48 months)
€ 12,714,767
€ 7,700,000
Project Summary

Prosperity4All (P4A) is building some of the major parts of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). The project seeks to create an infrastructure that will allow a new ecosystem to develop. One that is based on self-rewarding collaboration, that can reduce redundant development, lower costs, increase market reach and penetration internationally, and create the robust cross-platform spectrum of mainstream and assistive technology based access solutions required. One that is based around cross‐platform development techniques and that employees modern techniques such as crowdsourcing and gamification to both enable new strategies for the delivery of accessibility services and to enable an entirely new approach to accessibility solution development; an approach that can increase the percentage of research that actually makes it into the hands of users, increases the number of different types of researchers (especially researchers focusing on basic science areas) to contribute and enable breakthrough solutions; increase the number and variety of individuals and skills which can be brought to bear on the problem; and broaden the development process out toward users so that users and those living with them, or working with them, can get more directly engaged in the development of solution for them (selves).


SILO is playing a significant multi-sided role in the P4A project. SILO is coordinating one of the 5 sub-projects of this IP: sub-project 3 which focuses on working with a wide variety of development teams that will integrate the technical tools and infrastructures that the rest of the project is bilding into real-life applications. SILO is also responsible for the development of an Assistance on Demand infrastructure, one of the major parts of the P4A ecosystem. Additionally, SILO is the developer of the P4A payment infrastructure, as well as  the responsible for defining security strategies and re-usable components for the P4A ecosystem. SILO is in charge of technically validating all tools and services built within P4A. Finally, within sub-project 3, SILO is responsible for integrating some of the P4A tools and infrastructures into SOCIABLE, a cognitive training product for elderly people.