Project Title
Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs
Project Active
Project Duration
April 2012-September 2015 (42 months)
€ 5,267,990
€ 2,633,995
Project Summary

The EU-funded I-DONT-FALL project was launched in April 2012 to deploy, pilot and evaluate a range of innovations to detect falls and prevent injuries. Project partners provided innovative solutions that were then integrated into a platform; these were then tested by over 500 elderly patients across Europe.  Some of the key innovations of the project include a cognitive rehabilitation platform; a robotic rollator – the iWalker – to support patients in physical rehabilitation; a wearable inertial unit to track gait and detect falls; and a mobile android-based device connected to the iWalker that sends data to an electronic medical record. The project also tested a remote monitoring fall detection system on 24 patients, which demonstrated promising results from a technical point of view.

Overall the results of the pilot study have been impressive. Project trials of these innovations at selected sites demonstrated an impressive 43 % reduction in falls with respect to the previous year, an increase of 4 points in the BARTHEL Index, which measures performance in daily activities, and a two-point increase in the Quality of Life index. Furthermore, the huge amount of data collected will feed into further studies and analysis.

Singular Logic acted as the main integrator and technical coordinator in the I-DONT-FALL project. In that respect, Singular Logic contributed several background technologies used in the I-DONT-FALL platform, including the cognitive games from the SOCIABLE project. Singular Logic has also been responsible for supporting the pilot operations in Greece and has actively contributed in the creation of sustainability and business plans of the project.