Project Title
Home sERvices for specialised elderly Assisted living
Project Active
Project Duration
October 2009 - September 2011 (24 months)
€ 2,549,293
€ 1,575,350
Project Summary

The HERA project developed a platform with cost-effective specialised assisted living services for the elderly people suffering from MCI or mild/moderate AD with identified risk factors, which significantly improved the quality of their home life, extend its duration and at the same time reinforce social networking.

The HERA platform provides three main categories of services: 

• Cognitive and physical reinforcement services: These services are a supplement of non-drug therapeutical interventions provided to the patient by specialised Alzheimer care center.

• Patient specific home care services: This service category include social reinforcement services, reality orientation support services and services capable to monitor

several disease risk factors.

• General home care services for elderly: This service category include medication reminder services, information services as well as alarm services in cases of abnormal

health conditions.

SingularLogic within HERA designed and implemented the HERA argumentative agents and the personalisation framework. On the same time SingularLogic designed and implemented:

  • the cognitive and physical reinforcement multimodal services. 
  • the patient specific home care multimodal services.

SingularLogic was leading the integration of the HERA platform subsystems and participated actively in the exploitation and dissemination activities of the project aiming to analyse the business potential of the solution and its time to market.