Project Title
HOME services aDvancing the sOcial inTeractiOn of eLDerly people
Project Active
Project Duration
July 2010 - June 2012 (24 months)
Project Summary

The HOMEdotOLD project delivered a TV-based platform with cost-effective services, including personal motivation services and social networking services, that are delivered in a highly personalised and intuitive way and aim at advancing the social interaction of elderly people, thus improving the quality and joy of their home life, bridging distances and reinforcing social volunteering and activation, as well as preventing isolation and loneliness.

SILO was the Coordinator of the HOMEdotOLD project. SILO was responsible for the design and implementation of the "social voluntary work" service, as well as the intelligent calendar" service. SILO also significantly contributed to the integration and validation of the HOMEdotOLD platform subsystems.