SenseOne, member of the SingularLogic Group, is an experienced innovator in IoT-based business automation. The company designs and implements Internet of Things solutions of varying sophistication levels: from smart metering (electricity, gas, water) to remote management of heating/cooling, lighting, BMS systems, building-integrated renewables, IT/non-IT equipment and assets inside buildings, water and wastewater infrastructure management to complex Smart Cities and Industrial IoT solutions.

The customer base of SenseOne includes commercial banks, big retailers (food and non-food), real estate owners and developers, facility management companies, hospitals, private schools, operators of industrial parks, utilities and municipalities. SenseOne is actively involved in international R&D initiatives related to Smart Cities and Smart Buildings such as “Optimus Smart City” and “Water4Cities” (under European Union’s Horizon 2020).

The primary offering of the company is SenseOne IoT Platform that is intended to support the rigorous demands of IoT-based interoperability and protocol convergence between more than 70 industry-standard protocols across five key domains: automatic meter reading, power system automation, building automation, process automation and industrial control systems.

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