POSITIVE will act as a holistic enabler and tool assisting in everyday activities and facilitation of invigorating mental challenges. In order to achieve that, the platform will have two parts to bring stimulation both in online as well as offline world (an event facilitation and content part), emphasizing on the integration and use of an ICT-based tools. Both parts will be co-managed by seniors and coordinated by the leaders amongst them after the initial kick-off, to retain their independence. More than 200 seniors will be involved in tests throughout different stages of the project and across 5 countries. To design the platform and align it with seniors’ needs, design thinking and agile methods will be explored. The platform will be gamified and personalized according to interests and experience with technology of seniors, bringing fun and entertainment into the portal and forgoing patient-oriented mindset of seniors. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence and analytics algorithms will be used to provide quality experience.


Project Obj;ectives

POSITIVE aims to solve loneliness of the seniors caused not by social isolation resulting from immobility – but by a lack of a meaningful purpose in life or disconnection and boredom even when active around people. The once most popular reason for living – family – is now harder to depend on. The job market after retirement is hostile. The top needs in Maslow’s hierarchy, like self-actualization, become more prominent. Seniors actively look for products catering that on the market but there is nothing like that in a way it is there for the younger generation.


Expected results and impact

The created platform will be offered and commercialized in most European countries 2 years after the projects’ end. It will aim to increase the perceived quality of life of seniors – meaningfulness, happiness and wellbeing. POSITIVE will facilitate an active engagement of users in promoting independence and engagement in activities of daily living. This will improve mental statuses (including self-esteem and a feeling of dignity), which would prevent medical decline. Carers and families will be able to experience reduced stress and carer burden, by seeing and supporting the seniors using the platform.


The POSITIVE project has a duration of 30 month from May-2019 to Oct-2021. The total project cost is 1.788.786 Euro. The EC contribution is 1.189.686 Euro. This project is funded by the European Union’s AAL Programme.

SingularLogic Romania has received funding from the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI).

Project website: http://www.aal-europe.eu/projects/positive/