Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

SingularLogic is committed to putting in place policies, procedures and practices to promote and foster corporate social responsibility. For us, corporate social responsibility equates to actions that dynamically support and advance our contribution in the following fields:

  • Society
    • Academic Community
    • Volunteering & Community Contribution 
    • Social Community 
  • Employees 
  • Environment

By implementing consistent practices and building lasting partnerships, SingularLogic seeks to provide support for important social activities and initiatives, promote best social practices and provide for vulnerable social groups.

Academic community

We aim to make young people more familiar with new technologies and to facilitate their access to the knowledge society. This is achieved by reinforcing the work done by educators through long-lasting and effective synergies and by providing direct support to the community of pupils and students through actions that promulgate their knowledge of, and connection to the modern labour market.

SingularLogic's contribution to the Academic Society:

  • Long-lasting partnership with the liaison offices of most academic institutions in the country to arrange student work placements within SingularLogic Group companies. Furthermore, each year we allow the very best students to stay on with the Company under an employment contract. For more information, see here !
  • Offer free, cutting-edge software to educational institutions and foundations.
  • Grant second-hand hardware and office equipment to primary and secondary schools.
  • Set up student study visits to SingularLogic’s facilities to allow them to get to know what we do, learn about our business activities and meet our specialist staff.
  • Participate every year in prestigious Career Days events organised by academic Institutions and student organisations in Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Reinforce activities that promote youth entrepreneurship and pupils' innovation (i.e. we sponsored the "Call to Innovation" action by TedxAcademy, supported the participation of the "Kosteas Geitonas" private school in the "Virtual Business" competition of Junior Achievement Greece, sponsored the team of the ANATOLIA college for the "F1 in Schools" technology competition, and many more).


Volunteering & Social Contribution

By organising activities and supporting social initiatives, we promote the spirit and the importance of volunteerism and social contribution! We also consistently contribute to society by supporting charitable and non-profit organisations as a practical demonstration of our concern for our fellow citizens in need.

SingularLogic initiatives for Volunteerism and the Society include the following:

  • Since 1999, we have been collaborating with a mobile blood donation unit from the Amalia Fleming Hospital with our own blood bank in order to substantially support our people and their families in times of hardship. Twice a year, we are donating blood to this blood bank by organising the so-called "Blood Donation days" at the Company venues.
  • Collect basic commodities for destitute people, in collaboration with institutions and organisations providing social support.
  • Provide financial support to agencies and foundations (e.g. the Panhellenic Anti-Cancer Society, Unicef etc.)
  • Funded and undertook initiatives of purely social nature and purpose (i.e. sponsored the joint action of the Social Grocery of Marinopoulos and the "Together for Children" Association "It is good to offer", offered free tickets to the Adventure Park, the "Children City of Ag. Andreas" etc.)
  • We set up a Christmas "SingularLogic Love Buffet" in order to raise money for the financial support of NGOs / agencies chosen by our own people!
  • Οffered software applications to non-profit organisations working in the mental health sector (Athens Siblings, and the Association for Regional Development & Mental Health) to support and facilitate the work they do.
  • Hosted festive bazaars of NGOs/foundations aimed at supporting and promoting their work (i.e. the Chamogelo tou Paidiou Foundation).
  • Provided technical support for the system donated by the Hygeia Group to the multi-specialisation regional clinic of the Tilos, Agathonisi, Lipsi and Fournoi islands.


Local Community

SingularLogic is focused on supporting and strengthening its local community, and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, has attached priority to collaborating with enterprises in the areas where it does business and providing practical support to the work of local agencies, services and foundations.

SingularLogic's contribution to the Local Community includes the following:

  • Promoted retailers in the Municipalities of Nea Ionia and Neo Iraklio by arranging special offers for our employees.
  • Offered employment opportunities to the unemployed by working in partnership with the local branch of the Hellenic Manpower Employment Agency (OAED).
  • Collected food, cleaning products and toys for the Social Grocery Store of the Municipality of Kifisia, Agios Stefanos and Nea Ionia and for the Penelopio Foundation located in Nea Ionia.




The most important asset of the SingularLogic Group is our people. In order to support and develop our human resources, we have put into place a well-defined, constantly evolving system covering pay, benefits and special offers. With initiatives in the area of health care and education to activities targeting not only our employees but their families as well, we at SingularLogic implement actions focusing on the well-being of our people! In terms of our Human Resources, in particular, at SingularLogic:

We Offer:   

  • A private insurance scheme covering medical and hospital treatment for all employees under a contract of an indefinite duration with our Company.
  • An internal training programme in proprietary products and applications as well as products and applications under exclusive distribution agreements (SEN, Galaxy, Microsoft SQL Server etc.) conducted by qualified and experienced colleagues in order to ensure the technical excellence of our staff.
  • Specialist training and a series of exams upon the successful completion of which our employees become accredited users of internationally acknowledged tools and applications (SAP, PMI etc).
  • The possibility for our employees and teams to participate in specialised personal development workshops in order to improve their personal and professional skills (leadership, business English etc).
  • The possibility for our executives to participate in various technical workshops, scientific forums and one-day seminars so that they can keep pace with market developments on matters pertaining to their work at the Company.
  • Postgraduate grants offered by training providers in Greece and abroad.
  • A gift/benefit for every newborn within the Company.
  • Additional paternity leave .
  • Allocated parking space for bicycles in the sheltered parking lot of our facilities in Nea Ionia.
  • Special mobile telephony tariffs for Company employees and their families in partnership with Vodafone.
  • Special offerings from MIG Group companies.
  • Specialised training in matters of safety and first aid for our employees who then form part of similar volunteer groups in Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Arrangements with large retail stores and organisations for deals and consumer products and services, such as apparel and footware, health and sports services, travelling, theatre performances and many more, at discounted prices.


We organise:

  • The SingularLogic Days event, which is all about days of relaxation and fun dedicated to our employees and their families. Some of our actions over the last 2 years included:
  • The SingularLogic Family Day @ the Adventure Park
  •  The SingularLogic Family Day @ the Acropolis Museum
  •  The SingularLogic Family Day @ the Noesis Science Centre in Salonica
  • The SingularLogic Family Day @ the Planetarium
  • The SingularLogic Day @ the Invader Paintball Park

…and so much more!!!

  • Christmas festivities (facilities decoration, New Year's Cake Cutting event)


We participate and support:

  • Important athletic, charitable and environmental events hosted by NGOs or foundations / organisations / associations. Some of our participations over the last 2 years included:
  • The Corporate Relay Run
  • The Classic Marathon and Semi-Marathon in Athens
  •  The Race of the "Alma Zois" Panhellenic Association of Women With Breast Cancer
  • The Race at the Sheikh-Sou forest in Thessaloniki

         …and many many more!!!

  • Corporate fun and sports teams: Basketball team, Drama Group, Bicycle Team and a Band
  • The artistic creation and expression of our people by organising special exhibitions in our own Company facilities! (the SingularLogic Gallery)


We recognize and reward:

  • Our colleagues who have been working at the SingularLogic Group for more than 20 years .
  • The children of our employees who enter each year in colleges of higher education and universities.
  • Our employees' efforts and their outstanding performance with the "Achiever of the Month" & "Achiever of the Year" awards!


We encourage Open Communication:

  • We focus on corporate practices that allow ideas to be freely expressed and foster open dialogue between the Company management and its employees.
  • Through the "Recommend a Friend!" procedure we offer employees the possibility to recommend someone they know or a friend to apply for job openings within our Company.
  • We carry out an Employee Satisfaction Survey in order to evaluate corporate practices and continuously improve our workplace.
  • Using an established procedure called "Rotation", we offer our employees the possibility to express their interest for a change of post and/or work within our Group.
  • We communicate all news and information on the SingularLogic Group via Intranet in order to foster a uniform corporate identity and culture. 

SingularLogic maintains an Environmental Management System certified under ISO 14001 where we continually evaluate and  improve our environmental performance. 

The main environmental schemes we operate are listed below:

  • Paper and battery recycling
  • Electronic equipment and fluorescent light recycling
  • Toner recycling and reduced paper use via Managed Point Services
  • Reduced water and electricity consumption

In 2013:  

  • Recycled 1.68 tons of paper and 6.5 kilos of aluminum while contributing €100 to the "ELPIDA" Association of Friends of Children with Cancer.
  • Achieved energy savings of 9,500 kWh, thus reducing our CO2 footprint by 9 tons!
  • Contributed to environmental protection by disposing safely 68 kg of home batteries, 450 kg of electrical and electronic appliances and all the fluorescent lamps we removed from our facilities.
  • Reduced water use by approximately 33m3. 
  • Compared to 2012, we reduced CO2 emissions by 25% from the use of company cars and petrol consumption .

In 2014:

  • Recycled 8 tons of paper and about 6 kilos of aluminum
  • Achieved energy savings of 9,000 kWh, thus reducing our CO2 footprint by 7,83 tons!
  • Contributed to environmental protection by disposing safely 71 kg of home batteries, 700 kg of electrical and electronic appliances and all the fluorescent lamps we removed from our facilities.
  • Reduced water use by approximately 23,1 m3.
  • Compared to 2013, we reduced CO2 emissions by 21% from the use of company cars and petrol consumption .

    In 2015:

  • Recycled 3,5 tons of paper and about 16 kilos of aluminum
  • Achieved energy savings of 9,000 kWh, thus reducing our CO2 footprint by 7,83 tons!
  • Contributed to environmental protection by disposing safely 45 kg of home batteries, 700 kg of electrical and electronic appliances and all the fluorescent lamps we removed from our facilities.
  • Reduced water use by approximately 17 m3.
  • Compared to 2014, we reduced CO2 emissions by 14% from the use of company cars.




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