Human Resources

Human Resources

For us at SingularLogic our employees are the most important factor of our success. We attach major importance to bringing staff in line with our general strategy and culture, while also developing a climate of mutual trust and collaboration between the company and its people.

The company employs more than 600 people today, all of whom are fully trained, highly experienced professionals.

As we continue to grow and develop, our goal is to attract, recruit and retain staff from the labour market whose knowledge, skills and competences will allow them to share our vision and capitalise on the opportunities offered, while fitting into an environment focused on technological developments and progress.

If you would like to share in the vision of a dynamic company operating in a constantly evolving sector, to work with innovative products and superior solutions, and to start a career that offers you prospects, then please contact us by sending your CV and indicating the job sector that interests you.

A prerequisite for all sectors is very good written and oral English and Greek language skills. Male candidates must have completed their military service.

The main job sectors the company offers are listed below:

IT Applications Consulting

IT applications consultants are employed by the company on complex IT projects and solutions. Their key role is to install, configure and provide continuous support for projects for major businesses in the marketplace in both the public and private sector.

Essential qualifications for this sector are excellent communication skills, team spirit, the ability to work under pressure, the ability to manage crises, and flexible thinking.


Project Management


The duties of Project Managers include planning IT projects, monitoring them and submitting frequent reports about project deliverables and quality, proper allocation and management of resources and costs, and management of the relevant risks and contracts and terms and conditions signed with the client.

This role requires excellent communication skills, the ability to solve complex problems and deal with conflict, team spirit, the ability to organise and coordinate a team and work tasks, effective delegation skills, time management and dedication to achieving the objective sought.

Software Engineering

The company employs specialised and experienced software analysts and engineers, who design and develop new solutions such as the innovative Galaxy platform, web applications primarily focused on cloud computing, and mobile solutions by developing apps for iPhones and Android phones.

Key characteristics required for this sector are the ability to synthesise information, the ability to tie effectiveness into quality, flexibility and adaptability, compliance with strict, pressing timelines, and constantly keeping abreast about the latest technological developments.

Systems & Network Engineering

Our company’s staff comprises of highly trained and specialised employees who are responsible for the installation and operation of all hardware and software systems on the clients’ premises. Our staff specialise in various networking products from different major manufacturers worldwide.

Our employees in this field must be team players, possess collaboration and communication skills and be able to keep up with new technologies.

Customer Service & Support


Employees involved in this procedure play an important role, not only because they offer an immediate solution to allow clients to successfully use our product and benefit from all its functionalities, but also because they collect comments and proposals from the marketplace and transmit them to the appropriate channels within the company with the aim to improve existing products and develop new ones.

The Customer Service & Support sector needs well-developed telephony skills, patience, flexible thinking, resilience under pressure and the ability to manage crises. The aim here is to provide quality customer service by understanding client issues and then effectively deal with them.


Our staff includes specialised Account Managers who build and maintain long-term trust-based relationships with clients to be able to identify their needs and offer them the best possible solutions from among the company’s range of products and services.

Our Account Managers are also in contact with our network of dealers, briefing them about new solutions and offers, and about all technological developments and upgrades to our products.

It is essential for members of the sales team to be good communicators, ambitious, with strong negotiating skills, self-confidence, good at team work, able to take initiative and willing and able to travel frequently.


The company’s Finance Division manages all financial operations and plays a major role in managing, recording and analysing all company financial data and activities in detail, with the input of all other business units. It also manages the Financial Analysis, Accounting, Procurement and Credit Control Departments.

Depending on the department, necessary qualifications for a job in the Finance Division include excellent analytical and composite thinking skills, attention to detail, team spirit and cooperation, and very good communication skills with the rest company divisions.


The HR Division is charged with creating and maintaining a healthy, positive, safe work environment by adopting suitable policies and procedures in relation to pay, benefits, staffing, and the training and development of company staff.

Staff in the HR Division need to be communicative, team workers, enthusiastic, focused on detail, resilient under pressure and able to effectively manage a diverse range of day-to-day work tasks.


Marketing is all about communicating the company’s strategic plans, products and activities, and about spotting opportunities and market requirements, while being involved in shaping business strategy for our products and services.

Key requirements for working in the marketing sector are creative and strategic thinking, a passion for innovation, strong communication skills, and the ability to build great interpersonal relations and to engage in PR.

Students Internship

Our company is fully behind students from universities and technological educational institutes doing their work experience with us, and also offers job opportunities to such students after their work placement. While on work experience, students are treated as integral members of the team and are involved in all the tasks each department performs. There is always the prospect of them being offered paid work after their work placement has finished.

Students from the following schools and faculties have been given work by the company after their placement, and many continue to work for our company today:

  • IT
  • Science & Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Finance & Accounting


All students who meet the educational body's work experience requirements, who are really interested in their subject and understand the practical importance of knowledge acquired under the guidance of experienced, specialist staff are invited to apply for the posts announced on the job notice board.