The verbal components and the figurative features of trademarks are considered protected distinctive signs pursuant to Law 2239/1994 and may be used only by journalists for the promotion of products or services of the company they pertain to, and always accompanied by an article of related topic.
When used, trademarks shall be depicted “as is” with no change on their verbal or figurative component and not in combination with other trademarks, wordings or images.
All and any copy, distribution or use of trademarks for any other reason besides the aforementioned one is prohibited.

Terms of use for the SingularLogic logo
SingularLogic’s company logo can only be used as per the instructions below:
1. The logo shall be used as provided by the company itself, with no changes in colour and design.
2. The logo shall not be animated or modified in any manner in perspective or display.
3. The logo shall always display in horizontal orientation.
4. The logo’s size may increase or decrease, always in proportion.
5. The logo shall display in white background.
6. The logo shall display in negative on blue or black background. In this case, the logo shall be all white.
7. In every other background (excluding blue and black) or picture, behind the logo there should be white background equal in size to the minimum paragraph indent.
9. The logo shall not be used to replace the word "SingularLogic" in text, headings or entry text.