SECURE Web Banking


  • Manage your bank transactions directly via Galaxy
  • Save time, reduce manual entries
  • Securely connect with bank websites


The SECURE Web Banking functionality is included in the Advanced Payments module.

* SECURE Web Banking functionality is currently available for transactions with Alpha Bank,National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank, which provide the relevant connection service, while it will be gradually available for more banking institutions that will offer the service.

Secure bank transactions

Bank transactions are carried out at a high security level. The connection with the web banking service occurs via ERP directly on each bank’s website, based on the e-banking security criteria the banking industry suggests, thus avoiding any possible malicious intermediate intervention.

User authentication and credentials, such as user name and password, are revealed directly and only to the relevant bank, based on OAuth2 authentication process.

Galaxy does not store user login credentials, cookies, tokens, or any other information that relates to a secure connection, providing additional security on your online banking transactions.

Online bank transactions via Galaxy

  • Money transfers to any bank account
  • Payments for
    • Cards
    • Traders
    • Mass payments
    • Expenses


Automated financial entries in Galaxy ERP of the bank transactions that regard to

  • Remittances
  • Expenses

Access to Bank accounts and cards

For each of your bank accounts, you can have access to:

  • data about your account number in its IBAN form, account type, currency
  • account transactions, available and accounting balance for time span you require 

For each of your bank cards you can have access to:

  • data regarding card numbers, card types and balance
  • card transactions for time span you require 


With automated bank notifications and auto-matching mechanisms, the functionality performs bank accounts reconciliations directly into Galaxy ERP.