Galaxy Mobile SFA

Galaxy Mobile SFA

Galaxy Mobile SFA


Empower your sales on the field!

Contemporary information systems, such as Galaxy, allow businesses to apply their strategy as planned in all aspects of their operations, to create more value and enhance their competitive advantage.

Improving customer experience, service response time, expanding customer base and enhancing customer engagement in an omnichannel business environment, requires modern mobile tools that facilitate and simplify field executives’ daily activities.

Galaxy Mobile SFA, provides field sales executives with the data they need to, complete their tasks timely and accurately, provide better service to their customers and achieve their goals, no matter where they are.

It is a user-friendly mobile tool, which helps field executives manage Sales, xVan (Direct store delivery) and Merchandising activities. The application provides field executives with relevant data, automated workflows and the flexibility needed to complete their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Empower your sales executives on the field, with state-of-the-art mobile enablers to facilitate their daily operations and enhance your competitiveness.

Galaxy Mobile SFA Sales is a standalone native android mobile application that allows sales executives to apply corporate procedures as designed in the backoffice, directly on the market field.

Rich and easy-to-use functionality enables your field sales executives to focus on achieving their goals. Galaxy Mobile SFA Sales provides seamless targeted information flow to your executives, to obtain comprehensive customer insights, details on product stock availability, pricelists and the commercial policies that apply. Automated workflows empower productivity and minimize administrative tasks, order taking can be done in multiple ways to facilitate the customer decide and make it easy for the sales executive to fill in the order as well as collect the receivables.

Your filed sales executives are now enabled to have real time information for better decision making, on the spot to serve better the customer, and achieve set goals in an effective and more efficient way.

Galaxy Mobile SFA xVan is a standalone native android mobile application that works as an add-on to the Galaxy Mobile SFA Sales.

It is an xVan mobile invoicing system, to manage the transactions and the stock held on the delivery van while on the go. It automates the daily delivery processes to your customers, as planned.   

The driver knows his itinerary, his stock levels at any time, when and where he has to deliver, he can handle any stock returns, as well as print the necessary documentation, such as delivery notes and invoices.

The application supports route planning as well as standard route visit plan and can monitor visit plan progress in the back office via GPS positioning from the mobile devices, and provides reports on itineraries. Push notifications can be used to inform the user about a change on routes or a new task to be done. Galaxy Mobile SFA xVan, enables increased productivity and improved customer service.

Galaxy Mobile SFA is a standalone native android mobile application that guides the user to complete the merchandising tasks that have been assigned to him through the back office, according to the corporate strategy.

It is a mobile enabler that facilitates your merchandizers fulfill their tasks as designed in the back office. Product placement and arrangement on the shelf, inventory stock counting and replenishment, product return management, promotional activities, gather market intelligence and market trends data, price taking, information capturing from questionnaires, customer complaints or requests, and  photos or videos documentation of activities.

  • Access from Anywhere

Your executives have real time access to the information they need wherever they are. Galaxy Mobile SFA is an easy to use, native android mobile application, with which capitalizes the device capabilities, such as GPS, photo and video capture. Offline operation allows the user to complete his tasks from anywhere, even without internet connection.

  • Implement your Corporate Strategy

Easily apply your corporate strategy on the field. Commercial, pricing, discount and credit policies, as well as promotions, orders, invoicing, collections procedures are seamlessly implemented through the application, helping the field sales executives stay focused on their targets and complete their tasks in a structured way.

  • Planning & Organizing Activities

Customize your visit plan based on multiple criteria such as optimum routes, customer availability, visit frequency, repeatability, significance and more. Your executives are informed via their mobile device about their upcoming appointments, the tasks they need to complete and the targets they have been assigned to meet. Moreover, smart features such as push notifications provide additional flexibility to timely address to your market.

  • Improve Customer Experience

The field sales executive can stay focused on optimizing customer service while implementing the corporate strategy. He has all the information needed to complete his work in an automated way without time-consuming procedures, thus informing and serving the customer quickly and accurately.

  • Market Intelligence

Map the actual market status in a structured way.  Leverage the application capabilities to get answers through questionnaires and perform merchandising tasks to collect targeted quantitative and qualitative information about product pricing, promotions, customer satisfaction etc. and strengthen your business competitiveness.

  • Informed Decisions

Evaluate and track, in real time, the achievements through reports, visual charts and KPIs. Detailed information on the sales activity, personal KPIs and reports contribute to fast informed decision-making, enabling increased sales performance.  

  • Customer and Contact Management (including corporate & related contacts)
  • Corporate and competition items Management
  • Order Taking (Discount analysis & gifts, multiple & alternative units of measurement, etc.)
  • xVan invoicing (invoices, returns,  etc.)
  • Corporate pricing, discount & trading policy
  • Advanced document submission methods (sampling, cataloging, sales history, etc.)
  • Cash & check receivables receipts
  • Customer Relationship Management (meetings, tasks, requests, etc.)
  • Visit Plans (optimal routing, standard routes, dynamic map visits, etc.)
  • Merchandising Plans & Activities (Invoicing, Inventory, Competition, Replenishment Proposals etc.)
  • Questionnaires (receiving and sending responses)
  • Multi-company management
  • Support for multiple portable printers
  • Multiple hierarchical entity categories & tree navigation
  • Online \ Offline mode
  • Geographical services
  • Multiple Reporting capabilities (Reports, Dynamic Views, KPIs)
  • Dynamic Interface Configuration (Layout themes, Metrics & KPIs)
  • Web based administration & configuration portal (management of users, devices, synchronization parameters, entities & synchronization data, customization etc.)
  • On demand & Scheduled based synchronization