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SingularLogic e-books is a web service of SingularLogic myCloud platform. It is an interaction and communication hub, among enterprise applications and Independents Authority for public revenue platform (I.A.P.R) called “myData”. SingularLogic e-books is the media for the submission of all enterprises transactions to I.A.P.R. myData such as sales, purchases, expenses, adjustment entries, etc. It also provides necessary audit. It is agnostic as it co – operates with any software program. Additionally, εnterprises can download from I.A.P.R. myData, all transactions posted on its behalf, and perform multiple audits. Also new entries can be posted and transactions modifications are allowed.  Finally with e-books web service transactions can be classified according I.A.P.R accounting rules.

SingularLogic myCloud platform hosts numerous subscription services (SaaS) offers access that are available to private and public sector enterprises, irrespectively of the software they use.  All web services apply to contemporary challenges that all enterprises face, providing digital enablers that facilitate daily operations and, improve the efficiency of enterprises and public organizations. It also offers multiple digital tools so that enterprises can comply with their accounting and tax regulation obligations, in a secure, fast and reliable way.   The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure and allows interoperability with both SingularLogic and third-party software applications.

  • Collaborates with all business software. Both SingularLogic application software and Third Party Systems
  • Initial accounting entries are automatically managed and converted by the service according I.A.P.R accounting rules. Accounting entries are created without changing the daily enterprises operations.
  • Initial accounting entries when they are enriched required information are converted automatically into I.A.P.R myData e-books data.
  • Enterprises can create transactions that cannot be registered otherwise in the business software, either by creating accounting entries or by directly filling in necessary information at e-books. The effect of entries in the accounting records is ready to be audited. Transactions registered in the web service, may return to enterprise’s software as accounting entries.
  • The service is the central access point to all parties involved, either being the Accounting department or the external Accountant
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Performs the necessary checks before the submission of the transactions and displays the errors in detail
  • It provides necessary tools so that the data that have been calculated in the service can be counter checked with the data at I.A.P.R. myData platform and subsequently with the data of the business software
  • The entries registered by enterprises are automatically identified with the entries submitted at I.A.P.R. myData by its issuers and the enterprise is transaction’s counterpart.
  • The accounting rules of the electronic books are matched with the ledger accounts that are used for ledger entries, enabling data checks.
  • Automatically calculates and updates the Detailed and Aggregate accounting book, performing all the necessary audits before submitting any data to the I.A.P.R. myData platform.
  • Notifies for any messages sent by at I.A.P.R. myData., that refer per submitted movement
  • The platform is updated automatically with new features, additional functionality, legislative and other requirements, without disrupting users operations.