Galaxy Web Act


Business executives have targeted web access to Galaxy to execute their daily tasks and receive online data from anywhere through any device.

Galaxy Web Act platform provides an adjustable role-based user interface and access from anywhere. Business executives can effortlessly apply the corporate strategy, whether they are in their office, warehouse, store, or customer premises.


  • Simplify daily tasks

Business executives perform their daily tasks through a simple and easy-to-use web interface designed to serve the needs of their role, regardless of their location, as long as they have an internet connection to their device.

  • Increase Productivity 

Galaxy Web Act enables your executives to work effectively without being necessary at their office or desk since they can process their tasks immediately, get real-time data, any time, any place. (eg. Production Managers, Service Technicians, Warehouse Executives, Store Managers, Sales Executives, etc.) At the same time, they can smoothly follow the corporate processes, thus contributing to overall increased productivity.

  • Safeguards the corporate strategy

Your business strategy is set and implemented through Galaxy. Workflows, processes and automation, job roles and policies, are set to serve your business plans. All executives, regardless of their business role, workspace, or the device they use, are guided by Galaxy to implement your strategy smoothly.



Daily Tasks

  • Registration of warehouse receipts
  • Internal movements
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Sales opportunities
  • Offers
  • Activities
  • Questionnaires
  • Production and consumables
  • Supply requests
  • Technician visits
  • Approval management
  • Expenses
  • Send Email
  • Attach files, photos
  • Management of Hotel Circuit entities


Available information

  • Item stocks
  • Repair orders & warranties based on serial number
  • Price lists
  • Outstanding sales & purchase orders
  • Meeting plan
  • History of contact activities
  • Raw material residues
  • Status of production orders
  • Consumption
  • Status of supply requests
  • Financial data of customers, suppliers
  • Securities
  • Financial accounts
  • Cash available
  • References
  • Hotel Circuit Reports