Galaxy Enterprise Suite

Galaxy Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite ERP is SingularLogic's ERP proposal for any medium business and large organization, regardless of the industry, that has complex and multiple needs requiring comprehensive functionalities, automation and limitless insights.
Thousands of businesses have opted for Galaxy Enterprise Suite ERP and enjoy its unique competitive advantages.
Designed and developed on SingularLogic's Galaxy platform, Galaxy Enterprise Suite ERP secures both the present and the future of the businesses that use it.

Galaxy Technology
Cutting-edge technology that takes advantage of the latest international trends and the most advanced application development tools.
It provides your business and users with unlimited customization and personalization options, complete access from anywhere, automation and asynchronous execution of tasks, complete control, clear view of the business, easy upgrading and the ability to add new features and processes depending on the existing needs.
It offers a unique user experience, in a modern user interface, and unique business advantages, thus becoming a valuable tool for developing your business and increasing your productivity.

A comprehensive application ecosystem
The Galaxy technology platform offers an integrated infrastructure and an interface for your business needs, without requiring “bridging” for 3rd party tools or customized development.
In this way, your business (or your company group for that matter), can perform and monitor all its operations within a single environment, such as trade activities (wholesale/retail sales, purchases), financials, production, marketing, human resources management etc. At the same time, Galaxy ensures the continuous development of the software itself, as well as compliance with existing legislation and directives, while it never loses focus of its original promise: To protect your logistic investment.

Business Intelligence
The Business Intelligence system provides intuitive grouping and analysis of business data, using reports, charts, cubes and key performance indicators (KPIs).
You can quickly manage large volumes of data, with the help of ready-to-use Microsoft SSAS cube models, or by designing and managing new ones, according to your specific business needs. You can process, format and present the information in any way you want.
This is a powerful tool for supporting your business decisions.

Access from anywhere
Enjoy Internet access, no matter where you are, using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
You can also access business data by just using a web browser, with no additional software required, and you can have readily available - by printing or using maps and charts - any information you need (e.g. customer credit line, overdue securities, sales data, etc), in order to make important business decisions. Another important feature of this solution is that it enables you to format and present the information you want based on your needs.
Additionally, you can execute transactions remotely, import contacts, and organize your departments by automating processes, such as the transactions of your sales force or engineers.

Integrated CRM
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is integrated into the application, so that they can work in a unified environment, on the same platform, offering you homogeneous and comprehensive information. The CRM system enables you to create and run promotions, organize your sales activities and provide more effective customer care.
Furthermore, it is smartly designed so as not to overwhelm your ERP system with CRM-specific, marketing data.

Multiple businesses
Enterprise Suite ERP can manage multiple different companies using the same database, thus offering quick processing and data volume efficiency, and enabling you to enter and find information for any single company. It also supports the creation of a company group, with an option for automated inter-company transaction generation.  Last, but not least, Enterprise Suite ERP offers insights and credit control on a company group level.

Multiple languages
The interface of the Galaxy technology applications is multilingual, enabling you to choose the language you want to use. Galaxy applications are designed in English and then localized into other languages, such as Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian.
At the same time, you can save application data in multiple languages, so as to issue your invoices into the language your customers speak. With Enterprise Suite ERP, language is no longer an issue for your branches abroad or your foreign employees.

Galaxy can be fully customized to your specific business processes, needs and habits. It offers true flexibility, as you can design a different environment for each user (screens, lists, print outs, menus), add new features, create new processes (such as, approval work flows, reminders, automatically generated actions, and others). You can also change the "shape" of the application (entities), by adding extra tables and fields, and intervening into the actions of the application itself (record registration, balance check).

Cloud ready
SingularLogic is taking advantage of the international, cloud computing trend, and has designed the Galaxy apps so that they can also be offered as a web service (Software as a Service - SaaS), again a monthly fee, from our company's data center. In this way, you no longer have to invest in the necessary software and hardware (server), or stress over your system's maintenance, data backup etc., while you can still enjoy equally high speeds, security and accessibility from anywhere, anytime, 24x7.

  • Commercial Management
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Data
  • Budgeting
  • Sales/Purchase Commercial Policies
  • Import Folder
  • Batches
  • Serial Numbers
  • Color-Size
  • Delivery Control
  • Stock Replenishment
  • RF Inventory Management
  • Supply Processes & Approvals
  • Sets
  • Production Management
  • Production Planning
  • Project Management
  • Service
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards, MIS
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • Hotel Management
  • Restaurant/Cafe Management
  • Retail Management


Financial Data
All the financial data of your business are monitored in parallel, in unlimited tree structures (e.g. holdings, cost centers, business units and revenue centers). Then, it is displayed - either independently or combined - with the help of practical data capture engines.

Feature sets
Feature sets provide additional options for grouping items in entities, such as products, customers, vendors, sellers and agents, so that you can retrieve data with the same or similar features and gain access to more insights, through intuitive search engines. This data can also be managed in third-party systems, such as B2C and mobile apps, enabling easy and practical retrieval of products or other entities.

By defining the rules governing your commercial management (e.g. credit control scenarios, price list per product category, special payment agreement per customer / product category) and giving the relevant order, the application ensures that these rules are massively applied.

RF Inventory
The application enables you to design the layout of your warehouse, including shelves, corridors, etc., and display the inventory on each shelf. It supports position changes and all the delivery, picking and inventory processes, with the use of RF terminals. You also have the ability to manage the orders issued from the Commercial Management module of Galaxy ERP to the Warehouse module (WMS), and update the Commercial Management module based on the results.
Finally, you can verify the deliveries and dispatches of merchandise with a scanner - wirelessly and affordably, without importing files - thus avoiding errors and optimizing the execution time of an order.

Stock Replenishment
You can use the re-ordering process to optimize your stock, since the application can suggest the right quantities based on sales statistics, vendor delivery times, and safety margins in terms of time and quantity. These suggestions are editable, and you can also directly create and send your orders to your vendors. Thus, your business can have the optimal stock, and at the same time reduce the relevant expenses.

Commercial Policy / Price Lists
Apart from defining specific prices, you can also manage your price lists (purchases and sales) by setting a formula that will generate smart price lists based on other price lists or cost values, making price management and updating both smarter and quicker. At the same time, you can design more complex policies (sales and purchases), using rules that are triggered each time an invoice is issued.

You can define your budget for purchases, sales, and expenses for all entities (e.g. products, customers, vendors, sellers, projects, accounting), by setting 7 dimensions and 12 values at the same time, for any time period. You can also create budgeting models, based on your business needs, and directly monitor their progress. The application also enables you to easily create scenarios and process excel files.

Get an extremely accurate view of your business production process,
and automate your operations using a variety of configurable work flows and scenarios.
The platform also enables you to take advantage of state-of-the-art approaches and tools, such as MRP II and Gantt, to move planning for product requirements coverage, management of the production potential, replenishment of raw materials stock, as well as Shop Floor Control and Visual Scheduling, to the next level.
Thanks to the fully configurable and reliable production costing system, you can cover all possible needs in terms of estimating production costs and have access to every single detail, using analytic graphic tools.

Galaxy enables you to make the right business decisions, by providing rich information that helps you prevent possible risks, take advantage of opportunities, and adjust your business activities promptly and accurately.
It includes all the required financial and operational reports, as well as additional indexes pertaining to efficiency, development, productivity, quality, cost and human resources.
It also gives you the option to generate new reports by using complex data (visual reporting).

With the B2B service, you can ensure your customers will be able to submit their orders and communicate with you online about their transactions, both safely and quickly, with Galaxy ERP. Furthermore, your customers will enjoy access to important information (e.g. orders, invoices issued in their name and other data related to their account), any time they want to.

Galaxy & vertical markets
Olive oil production
The offered solution can manage all the operations of an olive oil production facility, meeting all the specific needs of this industry, such as the management and monitoring of producers, the olives deliveries, as well as the production, delivery and storage of olive oil.

Meat production & processing
A vertical Galaxy solution for the meat production & processing industry. It includes: Inventory management, stock data per meat type / batch, batch management, production batch tracing. Compliance with the HACCP standards.  Maintaining balances as per the requirements of the Hellenic Milk & Meat Organization. Monitoring the entire production process, from the livestock till the final product. Support for special requirements pertaining to meat processing (cutting). Route management and commercial policies, such as different price lists and discounts per customer.

Milk production
A vertical Galaxy solution for the milk production industry.
Milk management has to do with monitoring the milk quantities delivered by the producers per season and, based on this data, estimating / settling the producers' invoices, applying penalties or awarding bonuses. At the same time, the application enables you to update the system with data sent to or received by the Hellenic Milk Organization.

Boat management
A vertical Galaxy solution for organizing and managing rental boat fleets. It monitors availability, cruise sales processes, meeting points and processes related to the customers, as well as obligations towards the port authorities.

Wine production
A vertical Galaxy solution for monitoring producers, vineyards and seasonal deliveries per variety / producer / vineyard, monitoring the production process, and monitoring and settling the custom fees corresponding to the special consumption tax applied to the products.

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