Galaxy CompakG

Galaxy CompakG represents the best ERP solution for large organisations, Greek and multinational companies that require in-depth and specialised functionality, as well as the necessary flexibility to be able to adjust quickly and effectively to the ever-changing business conditions.

Building on the know-how of SingularLogic from similar older products and the experience from hundreds of installations, it has been designed and developed based on the new Galaxy technology.

The particularity of this ERP lies in its specialised built-in functionality for different industries, thus rendering it the ideal choice for Stock Exchange organisations, public sector telecom providers and other large organisations.

  • Financial Management: General Ledger, Analytical Ledger, Fixed Asset Management, Creditor-Vendor Management, Securities – Banks, Budget, Cashflow, Project Monitoring, Balance Sheets
  • Commercial Management: Warehouses, Customer-Debtor Management, Commercial Management, Market Management, Import Costing
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Data, Manufacturing Control, MRP/MPS, Capacity Planning, Production Costing, Quality Control, Pre-cost of article-quote-order
  • CRM
  • CompakG Statistics & Business Intelligence (ΒΙ) & CompakG Maps & CompakG Web
  • Interactive interface where data cubes and data drilling is supported for statistical data presentation
  • Ability to represent business data on Google Maps and Microsoft Bings
  • BPM-SOA tool for fast adjustment of corporate processes to new business conditions, increased flexibility and real time process monitoring
  • Enterprise user safety and monitoring system
  • Smooth interaction with third party applications
  • Coverage of an extensive range of requirements for large enterprises and vertical markets
Success Stories
  • SingularLogic has developed and supported the Integrated Financial Management Information System of the Hellenic Postbank.
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to install an ERP for Cyta Hellas. The system is based on the CompakG application that efficiently covers company procedures, since it is fully tailored to meet the needs of the telecom sector.