Retail System

Retail System is a comprehensive and technologically integrated software application with advanced functionalities, which addresses any specialised, managerial and mission-critical operational needs of (chains) of shops which sell goods & services, irrespective of their size and business sector.

The Retail System services retail enterprises such as:

  • Consumer goods stores such as  supermarkets, cash & carry stores, etc
  • Department stores and clothing stores.
  • Specialist retailers (cosmetics, games, technology, electrical appliances etc.)
  • Food stores (butcher’s shops, bakeries, patisseries etc.)
  • Catering establishments (fast-food restaurants, cafes, etc.)

The SRS/Front-Office Subsystem which consists of the following:

  • SRS/FO-PoS and SRS/FO-Com: they operate on PoS and support the entire range of their tasks and operations including communication with the front office - kernel
  • SRS/FO-Kernel: The core managing application

SRS/Front-Office Add-on Modules are:

  • SRS/FO-PLU Devices: it enables the handling and central control of weighing scale networks, price control devices and electronic tags of various manufacturers.
  • SRS/FO-Customer Loyalty: it supports the application of rewarding policies for clients.
  • SRS/FO-Duty Free Support: it adds the functionality that is required in the environment of duty-free shops.
  • SRS/FO-Store Credit: it is a credit control subsystem (prepaid cards, gift cheques etc.).
  • SRS/FO-F&B Module: it adds the functionality required by the catering business environment, is integrated by the SRS/RestMobile Ordering application.
  • SRS/FO-EFT Module: it enables the system’s interface with terminals and Electronic Funds Transfer assemblies.
  • SRS Report Generator (SRG) tool for report generation.

The SRS/Back-Office subsystem: completes and expands store process automation to back-office operations. The SRS/BO-Handheld Terminals automates also a wide range of store operations regarding orders, deliveries and warehousing (e.g. inventories), as well as all goods distribution tasks, with the use of portable terminals.

  • Certain return on investment and optimised total ownership cost
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Application of new technologies during its development
  • Greater flexibility and ability to adapt to each client's needs
  • Easy to install and configure
Success Stories
  • SingularLogic was commissioned to upgrade functionality on the Retail Management System covering stores in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.  
  • Olympus Plaza commissioned SingularLogic to run its IT systems and business processes for its retail outlets (using the outsourcing model).    Using the cutting-edge retail management system SingularLogic Retail System, that has been specifically...