Station Manager

Station Manager is an Integrated Management Solution for Petrol Stations, which effectively covers the needs of a modern petrol station while expanding to meet all stages of the fuel distribution chain.

It is addressed to:

  • petroleum product trading companies with partnered or privately owned petrol stations - branches
  • groups of petrol station owners
  • independent petrol station owners who want to control their petrol stations and their business, and automate day-to-day processes, thus gaining in time and control

Station Manager contains central and peripheral systems that control, manage and automate all activities of petrol stations.

Central systems:

  • Pump management system
  • Tank management system – New service that calculates the volume of tanks using high accuracy methods
  • Automated receipt issuance – Linking retail receipts to commercial applications to issue transaction slips in lieu of receipts
  • Automatic fuel vending machines



  • Diesel-tank truck invoicing
  • Auto-ID systems for drivers, fleet cars and sales associates
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Management of Petrol station chains
  • Electronic sealing of tank trucks
  • It provides 24-hour service across Greece and immediate support, as well as support via a large network of hundreds of certified partners
  • It fully adapts to the peculiarities of the Greek market and conforms to the applicable regulatory framework
  • It is completely compatible with the latest legal provisions on "inflows / outflows"
  • It is trusted by 1.800+ petrol stations (AEGEAN, AVIN, BP, EKO, ΕLΙΝ, JET OIL, SHELL).