Leasing ERP

SingularLogic Leasing ERP is an integrated solution, which automates financial and operating leasing transactions of companies of all sizes, covering:

  • Financial Leasing
  • Operating Leasing
  • Car Leasing with Fleet Management
  • Stock Financing
  • Details Folder and Financial Details for counter parties
  • Leasing Requests Management
  • Credit Threshold Management & Leasing Agreement Management
  • Asset / Equipment Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Product Management / Diversification
  • Contract Management
  • Vehicle Management – Fleet Lease
  • Real estates management – properties and commercial leases
  • Quotation tool
  • Basel II
  • Reporting tool  
  • Collaboration models (messages send under conditions)
  • Comprehensive support for sales and front-office processes
  • Great expandability through the seamless addition of new points of sales, new products and services
  • Extensive credit risk management
  • Automation of procedures
  • Multiple control points
  • Productivity and performance monitoring
  • Flexible environment and absolute compliance with the regulatory framework
  • Integration with other applications

Alpha Bank  Leasing, Eurobank Leasing, NBG Leasing, Attica Bank