Securities ERP

SingularLogic Securities ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system specifically designed for the needs of Securities and Investment firms.

It offers the full functionality of an ERP system tailored to meet the specific needs of securities firms.

  • BackOffice - MiddleOffice - FrontOffice
    Customers, Investment Accounts, Products, Partners, Suppliers-Creditors, Other Traders, Cash Register, Funds Register
  • Trade & Order Routing
    Order Routing Server, ODL Trading, Disk Based Trading, Online portfolios, Connection to Foreign Markets
  • Management & Portfolio Management
  • Management & PortfolioMargin and MiniMargin accounts
  • Custody
  • Security & Audit
  • Internet Client for firms dealing in receipt & transmission of orders / Internet Personal Client
  • Solvency Ratio System / Official Reports
  • Customer Relationship Management System - CRM
  • Financial Management
    General Ledger, Analytical Ledger, Budget, Financial – Cash Management, Fixed Assets
  • MIS - Decision Support System
  • Collaboration Server
    Automated/on-demand email updates, Automated/on-demand updates, Fax, Automated/on-demand SMS/WAP updates
  • Alert Server
  • MIS Generator
    Report Generator, Excel Query Solver, OLAP Generator, Query Generator, Label Generator, Email Report Connector
  • Staff Management - Payroll
  • It enables the connection of the securities firm system with its external resources on a 24-hour, 365-days basis.
  • It helps to increase response times and processing level of customer requests.
  • It helps to minimize the risk of violating the applicable laws during the transaction execution and processing.
  • It enhances the systematic alignment of the entire company with predefined qualitative and quantitative targets.
  • It paves the way for the creation of a versatile data composition environment that addresses real administration needs, thus facilitating the decision-making process.
  • It incorporates the best working practices, therefore it is easy to use
  • It provides security and authentication control across all processes.
  • It offers online and real-time insight 

Any type of Securities and Investment firms.

Success Stories
  • National Securities S.A. entrusted SingularLogic with installing the company’s ERP system. The solution chosen was based on SingularLogic’s Securities ERP application and offers the full functionality of an ERP system tailored to meet the specific...