moRE plus

SingularLogic’s moRE plus is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to organize their sales department and automate order taking and sales activities while on the go.

It includes functionalities that interact with Enterprise Information Systems such as Commercial applications, ERPs, CRMs and other business apps, to obtain critical information and perform transactions.

moRE plus is available for Android devices and supports both mobile and tablet screen sizes.


Sales module automates remote order taking processes either as a stand alone application or in integration with the company's ERP.  Provides real time view of the back office data regarding customers, products, orders and reports.

  • On-line connection and synchronization with SingularLogic’s ERP and Commercial applications to provide real time data to the sales people while on the go.   
  • Communication with third-party ERP systems via import/export
  • Provides sales people with the data they need, such as customers’ data, orders, specific prices, etc., to handle their daily tasks
  • Daily visit schedules can be created and modified 
  • Handles Sales Opportunities
  • Manages Order taking
  • Provides access to customer’s order history
  • Provides sales people with sales reports and statistics, about a specific customer, their clientele and in comparison with the same period of the previous year
  • Manages Collections
  • Handles Questionnaires
  • Manages CRM sales activities  
  • Comprehensive and automated inventory control
  • Reports and Statistics can be adjusted to the sales people needs
  • Keeps data history per item and customer
  • Uses GPS should you need to record the location stigma during the order taking


Interface with Galaxy CRM to manage customers’ activities (existing or potential) and record merchandising measurements.

  • Monitors contacts
  • Manages Sales activities
  • Monitors Asset status
  • Handles Service requests
  • Records Merchandising measurements
  • Handles Questionnaires
  • Gives the ability to make phone calls, send emails and SMS through the application


XVan incorporates the Sales module as well as the functionality to manage sales documents to process xVan sales.

  • Access to commercial and credit policies
  • Mobile printing at thermal printers 
  • Xvan document management and dispatch returns
  • Manages Collections
  • Manages Routings
  • Handles Questionnaires
  • CRM Activities management (requests, complaints etc.)
  • Comprehensive Customer view
    • Commercial data (Turnover, credit line, commercial policy)
    • Activities history
    • Sales documents history
    • Pending orders
    • Promissory notes status
    • Sales Reports
    • Customer’s assortment range


  • 2 layout themes to choose from (white and black)
  • Product selection with a photo catalog  
  • Additional controls during registration entries for the commercial documents
  • Offline CRDN document process
  • Ability to print collections
  • Reports related to xVan processes
  • Off-line commercial policies implementation, as well as fast-commercial policies*
  • Merchandising processes recording*
  • Supports triangular sales transaction*
  • Questionnaires
  • Document thermal printing  
  • Additional functionality to schedule routings  
  • Visit plan view
  • Optimized data and reports synchronization  
  • General improvements that reflect in the app UI and its faster processing


*This feature is supported by Galaxy back office, only