e-MANPOWER is a modern payroll and human resource management application, ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

  • Management of Collective Employment Agreements
  • Employee Management
  • Employee payroll Management
  • Calculation of back pay
  • Cost Center Management
  • Incorporates SingularLogic’s experience in the design, implementation and support of payroll systems for more than 5,000 enterprises and organizations in Greece
  • Manages collective employment agreements which are updated over the Internet through a link in the application
  • Features automated calculation  and recording procedures processes safeguarding against operational  while offering fast daily  operation
  • Offers full coverage of the standardised payroll business needs and full compatibility with current legislation
  • Monitors an unlimited number of companies, employees, branches and payroll periods
  • Offers mass payroll management tasks for many companies/branches by managing the organizational structure of enterprises
  • Covers all employment relationships or remuneration systems  (daily wages, salaried employees, hourly wages, employees on fixed term contract or on contract of indeterminate duration, seasonal or part-time workers etc)
  • Developed in Windows using Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) database
  • Supported by the largest partners network  in Greece