Voice Info

SingularLogic’s Voice Info is the most advanced product for alert and information services, as it enables incoming call reception and automated predefined information over the phone, as well as dispatch of alerts in the form of SMS and email.
It interfaces with other SingularLogic applications (commercial management, ERP, CRM) as well as the Avaya* IP-based call centers, while incorporating all the functions of the Alert Server (hyperlink).
Voice Info is addressed to medium–sized businesses and large organizations who want to offer their customers or partners advanced information services.


  • Automatic incoming call recognition
  • Ability to enter requests through voice orders or keyboard
  • Ability to set rules for different and multi-level information search requests


Indicated applications:

  • Customer order status
  • Customer balance
  • Service support request
  • Information on products/prices
  • Information on promotional activities
  • Nearby stores
  • Content provision
  • Information of company's phone directory


Voice Info is the only alert and information product that guarantees and ensures the quality of the SingularLogic brand, and support from the largest IT network in Greece.
*The Avaya IP-based call center is a prerequisite for the operation of Voice Info.