Voice Shop

An integrated voice portal solution that incorporates all modern voice recognition technologies while offering an automated phone ordering system that is directly linked to the business’s IT system and the Avaya* IP-based call centers. It also includes all cutting-edge alert and information features supplied with the Alert Server (hyperlink) and Voice Info (hyperlink).
It is addressed to medium-sized businesses and large organizations, who aim to facilitate the sales cycle process, increase the volume of incoming orders and offer upgraded information and alert services to customers or partners.


  • Voice exchange customization
  • Automated incoming call reception (Voice Info)
  • Generation and dispatch of customized phone messages and alerts via SMS and email (Alert Server)


Indicated applications:

  • Creation of a 24 x 7 phone order store
  • Customer service phone portal
  • Promotional activities 


Voice Shop by SingularLogic is the only voice portal product that guarantees and ensures the quality of the SingularLogic brand, and support from the largest IT network in Greece.

*Voice Shop operates only with the Avaya IP-based telephone center.