Avaya IP Office

Smart and integrated communication solutions that combine telephone network connection, computer network connection, internet connection and interface with SingularLogic business software applications through a single operating environment.

A series of Avaya's IP Office products for the small and medium-sized enterprises that offer:

  • Smart call center management solutions via PC (incoming calls, calls on hold etc.)
  • Support of up to 1,000 extension numbers for users in different points/branches
  • Ability to interconnect with CRM software such as SingularLogic’s Galaxy. The CTI connectivity of SingularLogic applications with Avaya IP Office offers functionality for call recognition and on-screen display of customer related data (turnover, balance, orders, complaints, requests etc.) depending on the application
  • In the hospitality field; ability to connect to SingularLogic Hotel System for billing solutions, call recognition, check in-out, room status, etc.
  • Ability to connect SingularLogic ERP with the IP Office to display orders, invoices and other business critical information on cards
  • Services and applications for small and medium-sized contact centers
  • Teleconference, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, IVR
  • VoIP telephony, SIP trunks & extensions, Softphones with video support, Smartphone clients, IP Dect etc.
  • Cost reduction and simplification of the business’s infrastructure complexity with a versatile device without the need for separate cables for phones and PCs
  • Lower TCO thanks to compatibility with standard non IP phones and lower telecommunication cost
  • Productivity growth
  • Better service quality for end customers
  • Smart and more effective customer/partner relation management