Enterprise ERP

The Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is a tested development and strategic decision-making tool for all medium and large commercial and industrial businesses in the private and wider public sector.
Incorporating all of SingularLogic’s expertise and experience, it supports all operations of modern business and addresses all current and future business needs.

  • Commercial Management: warehouse, purchase, sales, sales representatives monitoring
  • Financial Management: monitoring, planning and controlling of the enterprise's financial assets and General and Analytical Ledger
  • Warehouse Supply Chain Management: tracking, recording and controlling the movement of goods throughout the supply chain
  • Scheduling & Inventory Control: scheduling and inventory control. Budget management and stock replenishment
  • Distribution Management: planning and execution management at every stage for shipping to end clients. Itinerary monitoring, monitoring of freight forwarding agencies, agreements and forwarding service invoicing for 3PL and 4PL firms
  • Management Information System (M.I.S.): comprehensive reporting with built-in report generator that draws data from all application subsystems in order to support a business's MIS
  • RF Terminal Management: support for tasks carried out on RF terminal devices
  • Fixed Asset Management: fixed asset tracking and fixed asset warehouse management
  • Budget Management: forecasting, budget monitoring, accounting report, budget review
  • Production Management: manufacturing Recipe Management, Phasing Management, Manufacturing Order management and Production Costing Management
  • Third Party Logistics: management of the services offered by the 3PL firms for the storage of third party goods in their facilities
  • Provision of  Services: monitoring all stages of a repair i.e. sign-off, forwarding, execution, tracking and invoicing in a single environment
  • Superb versatility
    • Flexibility in buying the combination of any operational subsystems the enterprise needs.
    • Customization flexibility with preconfigured business operation models and a built-in customization tool.
    • Flexible business process management with unlimited, flexible and fully manageable adders, transactions and financial dimensions included in the system.
    • Flexible information browsing from any screen and for any entity.
  • Totally configurable
    • Configurable browsers, menu and user interface.
    • Ability to create an infinite number of hierarchy categories and special fields for each basic application entity (customers, suppliers, articles etc).
    • Consolidated and detailed reporting at all levels with user-selected layouts
  • Unbeatable consistency and reliability
    • SingularLogic Enterprise ERP is a solid and tested system.
    • It takes full advantage of the Oracle database features.
    • It is trusted by more than 1,000 enterprises.
  • Superior integration and expandability
    • It is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which automates all business resource planning, scheduling and management operations and supports day-to-day operations and processes.
    • It is a fully configurable and open system which enables add-on customs and/or the expansion of existing operations to support special requirements (API, Scripting).
  • High performance investment
    • Affordable and comprehensive ERP application designed for medium-sized enterprises.  The initial investment cost is further reduced as clients can only purchase the separate subsystems they need.
    • Fast installation and therefore minimisation of implementation costs via SingularLogic’s ready configuration models, automated and effective migration process and installation methodology.
  • Lasting guarantee
    • Attested by SingularLogic’s year-long experience. With thousands of customers of all sizes across Greece and business sectors, SingularLogic’s experience provided the largest knowledge basis and quality guarantee for a system like the SingularLogic Enterprise ERP.
    • Attested by the support of a certified network. The installation, training and seamless operation of SingularLogic Enterprise ERP are provided by the certified consultants of SingularLogic Business Centers (SBC) – ERP Certified Partners, who work closely with SingularLogic to offer comprehensive support services all around Greece.