Eurofasma NEXT

Eurofasma NEXT is a state-of-the-art application of rich functionality that also retains the simplicity, ease of use and reliability of the Eurofasma (DOS) application. These features have placed it at the top of the market for many decades.
It is an exceptionally modern tool for medium sized businesses, as it covers all their trade and accounting needs, and can promote the further growth of their company activities.

  • Company management
    • Monitoring of groups of companies
    • Multiple uses per company
  • Warehouse Management
    • Warehouses per branch
    • Item set
    • Pricelists
    • Warehouse transaction documents
  • Monitoring Traders
    • Customer Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Account Management
  • Sales
    • Order entry- Invoicing
    • Special Consumption Tax
    • Recycling contribution
    • Mixed method of payment
    • Installments payments
    • Managing Sales representatives - Collectors
    • Intensive Retail Management
  • Purchases
    • Ordering
    • Purchase cost accounting
    • Import Costing
  • Financial management
    • Open items
    • Securities Management & lists
    • Cash flow
    • Budgeting
    • Company Financial data
  • General Ledger/Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Report Generator
  • Import-Export
  • Up-to-date and familiar operating environment

It offers a user friendly and easy to use interface for day-to-day operation. It has been developed in Windows environment, with menus similar to Outlook, thus providing a user-friendly and easy-to-use environment even to unfamiliar users.

  • Extremely handy and fast application

Its menus are logically built following the everyday workflow thus guiding the user. Screens are lean and consistent, the different operating buttons are user-defined based on the users’ needs and habits. All application screens (i.e. invoicing screen, article entry screen, customer screen etc) are defined by users according to their needs and for their convenience. Fast execution of day-to-day operations i.e. invoicing. It features fast automated operations and the use of Wizards for mass tasks (i.e. price markup), allowing complete control of updating procedures.

  • A constant source of information for businessmen

The data that are entered during the day-to-day operation of the application are captured in a concise and direct image (at all times), offering reliable and accurate information to businessmen, thus guaranteeing a solid competitive advantage.

  • Securing information through a high security level system

The access rights of the employees are defined per task and roles determined by businessmen. It should be noted that the different security levels concern the input, modification or deletion of entries.

  • High data security level

Eurofasma Next incorporates and uses the latest IT technology and the most up-to-date databases.

  • Fast start-up

Eurofasma ΝΕΧΤ is incredibly fast to install and operate. It features industry-standard configuration for typical transactions and can cater for specialized requirements and activities.

  • Browser lists

The application manages browsers (i.e. article catalogue, transaction slip catalogue etc) and allows data export into: Text files, MS Excel (XLS), HTML, XML. It also allows users to select onscreen information, and set content display and classification filters.

  • Reporting variety

It has a host of ready-to-use reports per operation (Warehouse, Traders, Customers, Suppliers, Purchases, Sales, Securities etc), covering all information needs. The user can define an infinite number of filters and classification criteria in the reports.
The reports can be exported to the printer and in MS Excel (XLS), text files, HTML and PDF formats.
All the reports produced by the application are personalised according to the requirements and needs of each user through an exceptionally easy to use tool.