Manager NEXT

A comprehensive IT application covering all the activities of small and developing enterprises through a state-of-the-art, user friendly and easy to use environment.
Initially developed to support all day-to-day operations, in a legal and functional way, and to capture the whole progress of the enterprise with a view to leveraging information and facilitating decision-making.

  • Customers, Suppliers, Other Accounts management
  • Warehouse item management
  • Provision of Services
  • Order taking – Invoicing
  • Intensive Retail Sales Management - PoS
  • Ordering –  Purchases
  • Collections - Payments - Securities
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Report Generator
  • Up-to-date and familiar operating environment

It is developed in Windows environment with an Outlook-like menu for user friendly and easy-to-use features.

  • Extremely handy and fast application

Its menus follow the everyday workflow thus guiding the user. Screens are lean and consistent, the different operating buttons are user-defined based on the users needs and habits. Automated operations are performed incredibly fast.

  • Fast start-up

The installation is simple and fast without requiring technical knowledge. It offers off-the-shelf configurability for a ready-to-use application and is also available to users wanting to meet specific needs.

  • Company financial view
    • It offers a complete economic screenshot of the enterprise at a glance facilitating instant information and timely decision making.
    • Management of multiple companies & accounting periods
    • The application is used to manage many companies and multiple accounting periods for each company with the ability to track multiple periods per accounting period and access previous accounting periods.
  • Entry lists

The application manages entry lists (i.e. items catalogue, customers catalogue, transaction slip catalogue etc) and allows data export into: Text files, MS Excel (XLS), HTML, XML. It also allows users to select onscreen information, and set content display and classification filters.

  • Reporting

It has a large number of predefined reports per function (e.g. Warehouse, Customers, Invoicing etc) that fit all information requirements. In addition, the user can define an infinite number of filters and classification criteria in the reports. The reports can be exported to the printer and in MS Excel (XLS), in Word files and HTML, PDF formats.