The Accountant application is an up-to-date and complete solution that integrates the operations necessary to meet the needs of today's accounting offices

  • Monitoring of Accounting Office
  • Income-expenses management
  • General Ledger
  • Analytical Ledger
  • Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • VAT return
  • Income Return
  • Payroll
  • Report Generator
  • It incorporates SingularLogic’s experience in the design, implementation and support of accounting applications thousands accounting offices in Greece.
  • It interacts with TaxisNet informing accounting offices for all the obligations of their customers while it also interfaces with every other application in the market (SingularLogic and third party applications).
  • It automates day-to-day tasks providing accountants with speed and security.
  • It provides easy book planning and configuration.
  • It enables the grouping of companies-customers with similar activities, in work areas with common files (accounts, book format, traders etc.).
  • Through a special tool for printouts, it enables the planning of financial reports.
  • It is supported by SingularLogic’s specialised accountant department without charge.
  • It is developed in Windows environment and uses Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) as its database.
  • It is law-abiding and above all, generates the CORRECT ACCOUNTING RESULT
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