Galaxy Restaurant

The integrated solution for computerization of food and beverage services enterprises, based on the latest Galaxy technology of SingularLogic.

Addressed to restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, fast food, Delivery, sports centers, function rooms and conference centers, regardless of size and capacity.

  • Point of Sales: Sales management, support of cash systems (PoS) & Touch Screen
  • Mobile POS: Use wireless terminals for ordering (windows mobile and android)
  • Preparation Centers: Printing orders to preparation stations
  • Table Management: Design of the table reservation plan
  • Table Booking: Reservation plan management*
  • Delivery Management
  • Kitchen display: Preparation management of orders using touch screen in the kitchen*
  • Connection with commercial & accounting applications of SingularLogic: Warehouse Management, price lists and sales documents / purchases / items, suppliers / customers / debtors / vendors, recipes, cost control, management accounting, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management through Galaxy CRM: Sales & Marketing operations of food and beverage business, as well Conferences & Events


*Available in next version

  • Manages multiple outlets
  • It publishes all types of documents (e.g. receipts, invoices)
  • It has multiple and mixed payment methods
  • Monitors members subscriptions and statistics
  • Tickets Management
  • Maintainability of detailed prescriptive
  • It offers multiple price lists
  • Monitor in detail the characteristics of each customer (table usually chooses, preferences in food, drink, café, special requirements, the standard payment method)
  • Complete computerized solution for a food & beverage business
  • Covering the needs of individual businesses, but also the chain stores on line or not centrally managed
  • It operates directly with quickly and easily installation 
  • Easy and pleasant working environment
  • Offers total control and substantial information to owner of the operator
  • Continuous and reliable support of the largest nationwide partners network, 24/7/365
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