Enterprise Applications

The constantly changing business and technological environment demands flexibility. Enterprise applications need to keep on evolving to ensure that businesses can continue innovating in their own field. SingularLogic offers enterprise application-related services that allow clients to optimize and transform their operations. The company is therefore well poised to offer integrated enterprise solutions useable with all forms of technology, including cutting-edge technologies like the Cloud, Mobile, IoT, AI, ML, etc. Over the years, SingularLogic has acquired extensive experience in the following sectors:

  • Enterprise Applications: The company’s experience in this sector covers ERP, CRM, HRMS, Retail, and Financial Applications on platforms by international firms such as SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, as well as its own in-house solutions for these sectors.
  • Collaboration / e-Commerce: The company offers B2B and B2C collaboration and e-commerce solutions.
  • Enterprise Integration: SingularLogic employs SOA architecture and innovative models to ensure optimum integration solutions, and vertical specialisation for its clients in a wide range of business sectors (telecom, banking, public sector, retail sales, etc.) 


SingularLogic can provide its clients with cost-effective, efficient solutions, showing them the way to the future. Our solutions are an investment that ensures clients a leading position while giving them a competitive edge. The company also works with a large team of highly-experienced consultants who provide valuable input into the solutions offered, guaranteeing that the solutions can be rolled out faster, more productively and efficiently for clients. The company’s skilled consultants work via our Know-How  Centers providing value-added services as we guide clients towards the optimum way of meeting their current and future needs. SingularLogic offers consultancy services in the following sectors: Finance, Accounting, CRM, Supply Chain Management, HRM, Retail, Telecom and Public Sector.