Project Management

We consider it particularly important to ensure that the company’s project management team guarantees continuous customer satisfaction throughout the whole time a project is being implemented. SingularLogic has more than 25 years of experience in managing complex IT projects based on:
  • The adoption of international best practices taking into account the PMI® project management framework: This is tailored to the operational needs of each project and client, thereby ensuring a customised approach that brings clear added value to each individual project.
  • Creating and maintaining a knowledge repository: This ensures maximum support is available as well as a standardised approach to project management, thereby ensuring that all project management staff have access to the same information, follow the same procedures and have access to the same materials and standards.
  • Measuring performance and re-examining project management procedures: This is a procedure that allows the company to be able to constantly optimise and adjust its project management practices based on accumulated experience and current market needs.
  • Investing in continuous professional development of its project management staff: Staff attend additional training courses to keep their skill set up to date.
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