Software Development

SingularLogic develops software for more than 30 years. The Development Department ensures that the standards are developed to allow applications to be implemented across a wide spectrum of cases, and that they are constantly kept up to date in order to optimise cost and minimise risk. Capitalising on that experience, the company has developed a standard application development framework that is not dependent on the implementation technologies employed (Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source, etc). This approach allows cutting-edge apps to be rapidly developed. The software development environments used are specified in each case depending on the project’s special requirements. This ensures that reliable, flexible software solutions are created that can optimise client business activities and guarantee a return on the investment being made. Given that technologies develop at a rapid pace, SingularLogic uses a tailor-made implementation methodology to analyse, plan and develop software. The methodology grows and develops organically, utilises feedback, is incremental and object-oriented, based on prototype development. This ensures optimum, rapid development of applications for a wide range of platforms (cloud, desktop, mobile, etc). The company also considers it vital to invest in ensuring that its staff keep their technical skills and competences up to date, reflecting the tools and methodologies of the main technologies around at any time.