Business Continuity Design

The IT Business Continuity Design service allows SingularLogic to carry out a Business Continuity Assessment relating to the design of alternative system architectures and the availability of business processes and the costing and comparison of these. It also includes an analysis of every business operation, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and IT Disaster Recovery design.

Large companies and organisations that are required by law, the Management team or IT auditing to have a business continuity plan (airports, financial institutions, public organisations, hospitals, multinationals, etc). It is essential for these clients to have business continuity and the minimum possible downtime.

  • Reduced business and investment risk.
  • Business continuity guaranteed at all operating levels (not just IT).
  • High availability levels for systems and infrastructure (99.99%).
  • Minimised risk of security violations, as well as compliance with IT standards (ISO 27001).