Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

Business Continuity is a set of actions taken by an organisation to ensure that critical business functions will remain available to customers, suppliers and the business itself.

SingularLogic provides BCaaS thereby allowing businesses to continue to operate in cases where central infrastructure is damaged or there are other malfunctions. BCaaS is provided to the business / client at SingularLogic’s Data Center in line with IT Business Continuity Design and relates to Recovery Strategies & Plans such as installation and configuration of hardware, system software, operational software, backup and restore procedures, staff training, readiness drills, automatic roll-over of system operations from the main site to the disaster site (and vice versa), and managed hosting for BCaaS infrastructure. This basic package of services can be complemented with Disaster Site Activation.

SingularLogic also offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing service levels of up to 99.99%.

Large companies and organisations that are required by law, the Management team or IT auditing to have a business continuity plan (airports, financial institutions, public organisations, hospitals, multinationals, etc). It is essential for these clients to have business continuity and the minimum possible downtime.

Clients can enjoy the benefits of Business Continuity as a Service (BIaaS) listed below:

  • Reduced business and investment risk.
  • Zero investment in fixed assets, less complex infrastructure along with flexibility since services can be notched up or down to match needs.
  • Business continuity guaranteed at all operational levels (not just IT).
  • High availability levels for systems and infrastructure (99.99%).
  • Minimised risk of security violations, as well as compliance with IT standards (ISO 27001).