Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services are part of a Business Continuity Plan and provide all Departments of a company with comprehensive solutions, implementation methodologies and technologies that ensure uninterrupted business continuity for every large company or organisation, and the development of a rapid reaction model when an unfortunate event affects the business.

DRS include:

  • Implementation of the company’s Business Continuity Design.
  • Infrastructure, system and application hosting at SingularLogic’s Data Center.
  • Any size of infrastructure or bandwidth depending on the client's needs.
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery proposal and test scenario to certify that the solution is operable.
  • 24x7 monitoring of the facility and data replication technical checks every day.
  • Periodic operability testing.
  • Automatic rollover of system operations from the main site to the disaster site (and vice versa).

SingularLogic offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensures a high level of system availability (99.99%).

Large companies and organisations obliged to have a Disaster Recovery Site because of the nature of their operations (airports, financial institutions, public organisations, hospitals, multinationals, etc).

  • Business continuity is ensured in relation to the operation of IT systems since rollover from the main to the disaster site takes place in a few minutes (and vice versa).
  • Business continuity and risk management are transferred to SingularLogic and are guaranteed based on the SLA.
  • Comprehensive technical support round the clock with immediate response in the case of Disaster Recovery infrastructure (Systems, Storage, OS, Databases, Application Software).