Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

SingularLogic offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions hosting the desktop pc or laptop environment on the Data Center’s centralised infrastructure. The computer’s desktop environment is no longer on the local infrastructure but is hosted at the Data Center where it is provided as a centralised service from.

The desktop infrastructure on Data Center resources can then be operated on any type of hardware, even dummy terminals. This simplifies client management, provides faster software rollout, standardises and closely controls the user work environment, ensures greater security and reduces complexity, and also cuts the cost of hardware upgrades.

Large and medium-sized enterprises, irrespective of the business sector they operate in.
It is particularly suitable for companies that:

  • Have already outsourced some of the activities (IT or other) to third parties.
  • Have numerous branches and thus have networking and remote technical support needs.
  • Have considerable IT but outdated assets and hardware.
  • Need round the clock technical support (hospitals, retailers, etc).

Clients can enjoy the benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) listed below:

  • Simplified client management since the service operates on any type of hardware, even dummy terminals.
  • The computing environment becomes more secure, stable and productivity increases since users can work from anywhere (anytime/anyplace).
  • Centralised image per client and central application management.
  • Considerable reduction in cost of hardware usage and upgrades since the service can be operated on very low spec local hardware, depending on monthly demand.
  • Cost savings due to standardisation of the procedures for creating, maintaining and upgrading workplaces on a daily basis.
  • Improved performance and availability: 24 x 7 support for users by top level technicians utilising specialised monitoring tools and a guaranteed level of service in line with SLAs.
  • An immediate reduction of overheads and recurring (annual) expenses with a positive impact reflected on company results.
  • Minimised risk of security violations, as well as compliance with IT standards and guarantee business continuity.