Backup as a Service (BCKaaS)

BCKaaS entails to the implementation of the company’s Backup Plan and offers online data backup to SingularLogic’s Data Center infrastructure.

BCKaaS includes hardware hosting for the Backup Application Server & Storage for online backup, implementation of the Backup Plan (which is part of the Business Continuity Plan) using the applications installed for Online Backup, periodic checks to ensure the integrity of backups, Backup Systems Monitoring, Backup dispatch to the client’s Main Site when necessary, as well as Managed Hosting services for the infrastructure that is used for BCKaaS.

BCKaaS ensures that a business can continue to function in cases where central infrastructure is destroyed, and the need for this service is determined individually in relation to each business/client. 

Large and medium-sized companies and organisations that need to keep backups.

By using the BCKaaS service, clients can enjoy the following benefits :

  • Zero initial investment in assets or in future upgrades.
  • Guaranteed business continuity of IT system operations, since the backup is transferred to the main site within a pre-defined, short time period.
  • Performance: Data Center system performance is enhanced compared to a hardware investment of equal value.
  • Reliability: Maximum possible system reliability is ensured since systems use cutting-edge technologies and operate under optimum conditions. Restore tests are also performed.
  • High system and infrastructure availability (99.99%) via continuous, uninterrupted power supply (supported by UPS and a generator), ideal A/C conditions, a cutting-edge fire detection / dampening system and a local area network (LAN) with controlled access to authorised users.
  • Flexible pricing policy: Invoices are issued monthly but this can be discussed depending on each company’s requirements.
  • Comprehensive technical support round the clock with immediate response in the case of backup infrastructure (systems, storage, O/S, databases and application software).
  • Maintenance of hardware, O/S, databases and applications is part of the service and need no longer concern the business/client.
  • Option to differentiate the level of service provided to match business/client needs.