Colocation Services

This is a simple service that allows for infrastructure, systems and applications to be hosted at SingularLogic’s Data Center. Infrastructure and bandwidth of any size can be hosted depending on the business/client’s needs.

The Co-location service includes the leasing of racks for the client's hardware at the Data Center, Remote Connections, uninterrupted power supply supported by UPS devices and a generator, and a fire detection / dampening system for the premises where systems are installed.

A series of bolt-ons can be added to this basic service, including the Service Desk 24/7, Server Monitoring, Management Operations, and Daily Backup Service.

SingularLogic offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensures a high level of system availability (99.99%).

Large companies and organisations that want to keep their hardware away from their actual premises for various reasons or are obliged to keep a Disaster Recovery Site because of the nature of their operations, such as airports, financial and public institutions, hospitals, multinationals, etc. It is essential for these clients to have business continuity and the minimum possible downtime.


By using the Co-location service, clients can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Using SingularLogic’s Data Center resources costs less than setting up an in-house data center
  • Fixed monthly charge
  • Outlays can be recouped within a specific time period given that hosting agreements are usually from 1 to 5 years.
  • High system and infrastructure availability (99.99% via continuous, uninterrupted power supply (supported by UPS and a generator), ideal A/C conditions, a cutting-edge fire detection / dampening system and a local area network (LAN) with controlled access to authorised users.
  • Minimised risk of security violations, as well as compliance with IT standards (ISO 27001).
  • Business continuity and risk management are transferred to SingularLogic and are guaranteed based on the SLA.
  • Flexible pricing policy.